icinal Herbs – All About Chamomile

Medicinal Herbs – All About Chamomile

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Whenever the word CHAMOMILE is heard, we often associate it with the flower, since it is known for its daisy-like features.
This usually grows up to 20 to 25 inches and is best planted in the ground with containers. This is also ideal for mass planting and also landscaping. Needless to say, chamomiles are really pretty. Yet, it also serves as a medicinal herb too.

Chamomile is considered as one of the most common herbs that anyone can grow in their garden. This is because it is fairly easy to grow, as well as it has a wide array of uses. Chamomile can be a great addition to your garden and to your medicine kit.

Growing chamomiles is easy. You only need to have an area with well drained soil. Propagation is through the seed. However, this can be very tricky and is often suggested to begin with a seedling and then transfer it to the garden proper when the plant has hardened. This guarantees that the plant would become strong and can tolerate any condition.

Chamomile is known for its varied medical properties. Its key element is its flowers. Its commonly used as a medicinal herb, herbal tea, aromatherapy and cosmetic agent. The reason being is that the flowers have anti-spasmodic, nervine, and anti-inflammatory properties. This can be used to treat skin irritations, rheumatism, arthritis, and more. It is also known to relieve stomachache and gas pains. Women can also use this to cure their menstrual cramps. Aside from that, chamomile is also known to be a good laxative. So people experiencing constipation might consider taking this all natural route. If you have insomnia, chamomile acts as a slight sedative and can induce sleep. Even stress and anxiety can also be addressed with this herb.

You can also make use of Chamomile as a tea ingredient. You can use its dried flowers and add it into boiling water, then cover it for at least ten minutes. If you want to eliminate the draining part, you can put the dried floweres in a tea bag. For beauty regimen purposes, you can use the dried flowers and soak it in your bath. You can also burn the leaves for aromatherapy purposes. Indeed chamomiles have great use and potential. Not only is this a pretty flower to look at, but it can definitely provide you with more than just being something good to look at. With its many benefits, chamomiles are truly in demand and considered as popular medicinal herbs.

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